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Yamaha Mio Launches 115i

Saturday, January 14, 2012

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 Yamaha Mio Launches 115i

Although in Indonesia the news regarding the discharge capacity of 115 cc injection Mio been widely heard since some time ago, turned out to Thailand, who first tasted this bike. Yamaha has just introduced this bike in Thailand.

Sekilah of looks, Yamaha presents a new, more dynamic on the flagship automatic motor. Line of body paint design firm that reportedly 115i Yamaha Mio in Indonesia will be named Mio J is up to the stern of the facia.

The latest indicator panels also adorn the handlebars sharply along with a magnetic socket.

As if to keep pace with rival Honda, Yamaha also buried many new features in this bike is like a super huge trunk that is able to load a helmet to the side of standard features that can turn off the engine like a side stand switch which is on all Honda automatic motorcycle.

And the main difference this bike with a motor of course the previous generation of Mio's in the kitchen pacunya. Now, Yamaha Mio 115i driven by the ear of the engine 4 stroke, SOHC that has a capacity of 113.69 cc BorexStroke 50x57, 9 mm.

Engine carburetion system of this bike was already using the system Fuel Injection (FI), called the latest Yamaha Jet-Fuel Mixture Injection (YMJET-FI).

With feature-FI YMJET recently predicted that the engine has a compression ratio of 9,30:1 will be efficient in terms of fuel use than previous generations.

In Indonesia, widely heard that this bike will soon be out a few more months.
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